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Crimped Wire Mesh

Crimped Wiremesh is similar to square wire mesh

Square Wire Mesh

Galvanized square wire mesh is made of low carbon iron wire with precision construction and uniform mesh. It is used in construction and industries to sieve grain powder, filter liquid and gas, safety guards on machinery enclosure. Also for wood strips in making walls, ceiling and partitions. Assortments. Square wire mesh hot dip before weaving. Square Mesh electro Galvanizing after weaving. Square Wire Mesh Black Anneal Wire.

Concertina Barbed Wire

Crimped Wiremesh is similar to square wire mesh but is more rigid due to the crimping of the wire before weaving. In the pre-crimping process, wire is first formed (crimped) in precision machines using rotary dies that precisely define the spacing of the wires and ensure that the wires will lock firmly together at the intersections. The pre-crimped wires are then assembled in custom-designed screen assembly machines (looms). They are made from Galvanized iron, Stainless Steel, Mild steel, Brass & Copper, Spring steel, etc. Processing method: Bi-directional plain weave, single wave weave, two-way wave weaving, rectangular opening weaving. Applications These wire mesh are very rigid and use as grid window, rack, lift, cages, guards, trays, partition walls Police Vans, Busses, Crush & Asphalt plants, and many more. It is also used in industries where sieving is prevalent. These screens are generally put in series In order to generate and separate the finest particles of chemicals, fertilizers, cement, and Pharmaceuticals.